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Sunline Siglon PE X8 Japanese braided line Light Green

Sunline Siglon PE X8 Japanese braided line Light Green

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The Sunline Siglon PE is a very tightly woven 8Braid made in Japan specifically for modern artificial bait fishing. It has a very smooth and even surface structure. This means that little friction is generated in the rings, which results in good casting distances and quiet line noise. The Siglon PE has excellent casting properties on spinning and baitcasting reels.

During the production of the Siglon PE X8, eight very high-quality raw fibers of the so-called "EX-PE" polyethylene fiber, which was specially designed for this line, are braided very tightly and extremely accurately. Since this takes place within a new type of braiding process, the cross-sectional area of ​​the line is reduced, resulting in very thin line diameters.

Developed specifically for modern lure fishing

- Even and round line surface: Very smooth

- Low friction in the rod rings: Quiet

- High rigidity: Long casts and stress-free, even on the BC reel

- Ultra low stretch: Highly sensitive, direct feedback on bottom contacts and bites

- Reliable load capacity information

When used on the water, the Siglon PE behaves reliably as usual. The line carries what the breaking strain promises. This means that the angler can concentrate fully on the essentials, i.e. fishing and presenting the bait, without having to worry about the line. Even with thinner diameters, pike and zander never pose any problems with the line.

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