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Sunline SaltiMate SMALL GAME HG PE X4 Japanese Line

Sunline SaltiMate SMALL GAME HG PE X4 Japanese Line

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The Sunline SaltiMate Small Game PE-HG is a fishing line made from HIGH QUALITY raw fibers in Japan. The line is extremely thin, absolutely round and very smooth.

The fibers used for this line have an extremely high specific tensile strength. This material, in combination with modern, very complex manufacturing technology, enables the ultra-thin design of the line with a relatively high load-bearing capacity, the information on which is absolutely reliable and trustworthy.

The almost non-existent stretch makes the line highly sensitive, so that subtle bites or the structure of the water bottom are transmitted very directly and precisely to the angler.

The thin line diameters also make the Small Game PE very light, which enables the excellent casting distances achieved with this line. The SaltiMate Small Game PE-HG does not absorb water, does not swell and remains light and round even when in use. The small diameters of the line ensure very thin connecting knots, which further reduces friction in the rings.

This thin and supple line is the benchmark to beat when it comes to braided line for finesse fishing. It is particularly suitable for targeted perch fishing, fishing with ultra light rigs or for using light jig heads, small wobblers and rubber jigs.

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