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Soorex Pro

Soorex Pro 50mm

Soorex Pro 50mm

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Soorex Pro Mickey 50mm Aroma Cheese / Garlic

The Soorex Pro rubber baits are designed for current fishing and pond trout. Suitable for all seasons. The Mickey has a natural shape and is therefore very attractive for all types of trout at different depths.

The ultra-soft consistency and the incorporated attractant not only entice the fish to bite, but also to keep the bait in its mouth for a longer period of time.
The attacks often come as soon as the bait hits the water surface. The large selection of colors makes it possible to satisfy the appetite of the fish at any time of year and day.

This bait is made of particularly sturdy and lively material. It has extreme buoyancy and has no memory effect.
Developed for fishing for trout, but of course also universally applicable, e.g. for perch, zander, salmon, chub and much more

Model: Mickey

Taste: Garlic/Cheese

Length: 50mm

Special feature: buoyant / elastic

Weight: 1.0gr

Contents: 7 pieces

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