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OLEK Fishing Promise Trout Area 2

OLEK Fishing Promise Trout Area 2

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Olek-Fishing Promise Trout Area 2 Premium UV Spoon 2,4g / 3,6 g

Our high-quality spoons from Olek-Fishing for trout fishing were manufactured using Japanese technology and have completed a long test phase in various European waters.

They are absolutely excellent for fishing for salmonids such as rainbow and brown trout, but have also proven themselves for other peaceful and predatory fish.

The Olek Fishing Spoons are particularly known for their special colors and shapes.

With this all-round bait you will always be successful.

The UV Spoon Blinkers with their fluorescent surface ensure better visibility for trout, especially in overcast weather and murky water.

High quality lacquer resistance and super sharp barbed hooks!

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