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OLEK-Fishing Kaiman V2 10cm

OLEK-Fishing Kaiman V2 10cm

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OLEK-Fishing Kaiman V2

The Kaiman from OLEK-Fishing is enjoying ever-increasing popularity and although it has not been on the market for very long, it has already developed into something of a cult status.

The Kaiman V2 has a new rubber compound and a slightly different shape. The first body segment of the Kaiman V2 was designed to be a little thicker so that the hook has a better grip. Even anglers who like to fish no-action baits with jig heads can use the Kaiman V2 without any problems. The front part also ensures that the Kaiman V2 has a slightly different run.

With the Kaiman V2, a new bait was created that combines a huge number of positive properties. It required a lot of development work and countless prototypes.

You can see how versatile this bait is as soon as you hold it in your hand for the first time. Depending on which part you choose as the belly side, you can give the bait two completely different movement patterns. The Caiman is impressive whether used as a soft jerk, vertical bait, drop shot bait or in the classic jig head. Baiting with an offset hook is particularly successful and the embedded pockets protect the hook tip optimally so that you can fish in weedy areas without any problems.

Even with aggressive bait handling, the bait stays where you want it, but on the other hand, the hook tip comes out very well when the fish comes into contact and ensures a good hook rate.

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