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Meiho VS-7070 Black Clear lid

Meiho VS-7070 Black Clear lid

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MEIHO VS-7070 black clear lid

Stable box made of shock-resistant polymer plastic. Perfect as an extremely robust pilker box or for mobile spin fishermen. Easy to store on board thanks to the square shape. 4 rubberized feet prevent vibration noises and ensure a secure stand.

The large lid compartment can be freely divided to accommodate leaders, pliers, swivels, etc. All compartments have safety locks to prevent accidental opening. The box can be supplemented with up to 4 rod holders, a carrying strap, side pocket, cup holder and additional box (not included).

The lid of this MULTI FUNCTION BOX can be used as a table. When opened, the handle serves as a base and reliably stabilizes the "table". An extremely practical feature for all anglers.

Dimensions: 434 x 233 x 271 mm
Weight: 2055g
Color: Black

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