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LIBRA LURES LARVA 35mm Aroma Cheese / Garlic

LIBRA LURES LARVA 35mm Aroma Cheese / Garlic

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Larva is the flagship product of Libra Lures. Larvae are the most eagerly consumed food for ide, chub, trout and other white fish, regardless of the season.

Hundreds of hours of analyzing, testing and metamorphosing this model resulted in our faithful imitation of the larva, its appropriate geometry and the use of a unique mixture making it almost a perfect bait. This bait is suitable for both flowing and still water.

This bait also proves to be a real “killer” in trout fishing competitions when fishing for rainbow trout and other salmon-like predatory fish.
The larval insect pupa is the staple food of many fish species.
The unique properties of the material mean that even the most cautious trout cannot resist the oily, soft doll.
Thanks to the well-thought-out shape of the bait, it reacts to even the slightest movement of the fishing rod tip.

The Libra Larva offers a wide range of possibilities
various animation techniques in the natural
Bait presentation to the predatory fish and
to entice to bite.

Contents: 12 pieces

The mix set contains 40 pieces (2 pieces per colour) including a liquid box!

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