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LIBRA LURES KUKOLKA 42mm Aroma Cheese / Krill

LIBRA LURES KUKOLKA 42mm Aroma Cheese / Krill

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Kukolka is the basic weapon when fishing for rainbow trout.
Its biggest advantage is the shape and profile of the body, which makes the bait work very well with almost all presentation techniques.
From the natural subtle bait presentation to the aggressive twitching.

When designing Kukolka, great importance was attached to the construction of ring segments and their expressiveness so that it stands out strongly from the surroundings in the water and thus the eyes of the predatory fish quickly focus on the bait.
This aspect is of great importance in commercial fishing waters and those with low transparency.

The Kukolka is an excellent bait for quick fishing for rainbow trout and brown trout during rising water.

Contents: 10 pieces
The mix set contains 38 pieces (2 pieces per colour) including a liquid box!
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