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Aluminium LED UV black light lamp - outdoor flashlight

Aluminium LED UV black light lamp - outdoor flashlight

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Aluminium LED UV 365nm 395nm black light lamp

When most people think of a flashlight, they think of dusk or night. However, the range of uses for this type of flashlight is much broader. On the one hand, the flashlight with ultraviolet light helps the angler to find his way quickly at night. But the strengths and advantages lie in other areas. For example, it is always possible to choose the right bait.

Humans cannot perceive UV activity very well and this little helper offers just the right support. With this UV lamp you can see fishing baits with UV activity, UV accents or without any UV particles even in daylight. And this is exactly what helps in the fishing shop when choosing the 100% right hard bait.

The aluminum housing of the flashlight is compact, waterproof and equipped with a clip as an accessory.
Continuous service life of approx. 1000 hours


Please note:

It is important to know that 365nm UV light appears white on neutral, non-fluorescent surfaces, while 395nm UV light appears violet.

Technical data:
Light source: 5W UV LED
Dimensions: 10cm x 2cm (without clip)
Battery type: 1 x AA battery or 1x 14500 rechargeable battery. (Not included)
Material: aluminum alloy
Focus adjustable: Yes

Batteries & charger:
Digital, electronically controlled charger, suitable for all 3.7 V - 4.2 V lithium-ion batteries from 30 - 70 mm length and up to Ø 20 mm
Charge level indicator:
-RED: the battery is charging
-GREEN: the battery is fully charged
Input voltage: AC 100V - 240V
Charging voltage: 3.7V
Lithium-ion 14500 battery 3.7 volts / 14 x 50 mm (size like a AA battery)
Not for devices with 1.5 V battery!
Discharge and short circuit protection
no memory effect, can be recharged at any time

Always charge batteries under supervision!
When charging, make sure the polarity (+-) is correct!

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