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OGP Twister 2g

OGP Twister 2g

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OGP Twister UV continuous blinker in 2g

The OGP Twister is, alongside the OGP Bulldog, the Fidusen and above all the legendary Praesten, the novelty in the trout sector.

In Denmark, the OGP Twister has long since become a legend and should be in every bait box. Countless trout have fallen victim to this killer.

Due to its light weight, the OGP Twister can be guided very flat and extremely slowly. The ultra-fast rotations of the OGP Twister move a lot of water and attract all predatory fish!

The color contrast, which is particularly clearly expressed by this shape, also appeals to the fish's visual organ.

Inserted spinning stops ensure that the OGP Twister tumbles seductively through the water column.

The OGP Twister is a cheeky little thing that can be fished both as a normal spoon on a spinning rod and behind a bombarda / glass raft.

An excellent and versatile spoon that fishes well all year round.

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