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Angler´z System Antem Dohna

Angler´z System Antem Dohna MS 02

Angler´z System Antem Dohna MS 02

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Angler´z System – Antem Dohna

Antem Dohna is one of the best trout spoons in the world. This is not only due to the proven Japanese quality. Rather, it is the unique and precise engineering that lies behind the success of this spoon.

Whether flowing or still water, its various weight classes from 0.8g - 3.0g and the wide range of colors mean it can cope with any situation. Another advantage is its asymmetrical shape. The spoon blade of the Antem Dohna is wider at the front than at the back. This shape increases water resistance, which makes the bait more lively. The special spoon surface creates flashing stimuli that entice the fish to bite.

Although Antem products are primarily intended for salmonids, other domestic predators also show great interest in them: very good results can be achieved with them when fishing for chub, ide, asp or perch. Years of experience with excellent results and Japanese quality make Antem an indispensable part of every fishing box.

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