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Trout Jara

Trout Jara RIESH 40MR-SF AX06

Trout Jara RIESH 40MR-SF AX06

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Trout Jara RIESH 40MR-SF

Trout Jara RIESH 40MR-SF is a brand new wobbler that can convince everyone in all aspects, be it professional or amateur angler. Because RIESH 40MR-SF is a perfect combination of the latest technologies, high-quality materials and components as well as years of experience of its developers.
RIESH 40MR-SF is a floating wobbler, which is what the letters "SF" ("slow floating") indicate. The wobbler rises very slowly and parallel to the bottom during the pause. The fish then perceive it as easy prey and attack aggressively. The bites that the angler recognizes are truly spectacular and really get the adrenaline level going!

Weight: 2.5g
Length: 40mm
Version: SF
Color: AX06
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